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Our nationally recognized, comprehensive approach to enterprise risk management (ERM) links strategy and risk management to achieve the dynamic balance of risk and reward. We collaborate with clients to create a customized approach to building an effective ERM process.

Our proprietary ERM Framework was developed in 2009, on the heels of the financial crisis, as banking regulators were beginning to propose the COSO-based approach to the financial services industry. We have implemented our ERM Framework in financial institutions of various sizes and complexities.

Consistent with the authentic purpose of ERM, the Snodgrass approach provides a management methodology that engages several people in the process that links to strategy, impacts corporate decision-making, addresses business opportunities, and resolves the dynamic link between risk and reward.

Regulators have described our ERM Framework as “best practices” to a number of our clients. Corporate leaders have embraced both the process and results of elevating their management practices throughout their organizations in achieving next-level performance.

Our consulting team members are recognized as industry experts on the subject as we speak, author, and teach the principles, concepts, and implementation of ERM.

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