Suralink – S.R. Snodgrass’s New File Transfer System

Our firm is pleased to announce that we will be implementing a new file transfer system, Suralink. This easy-to-use platform streamlines the document exchange process. Like the file portal you’re familiar with, Suralink encrypts your data in transmission and data at rest (similar to online banking). Plus with Suralink, you can receive a summary email of all activity from your engagements every day, or as desired.

We will disable CCH Client Axcess on Monday, August 23, 2021.

Below are some resources to get you started with using Suralink:

Notifications from the Suralink application are sent via SendGrid and come from the following addresses: and We recommend anyone having issues receiving emails from Suralink whitelist these two email addresses. Additionally, we recommend whitelisting the sending IP from SendGrid, which is Doing so will ensure that the emails are allowed through spam filters.

If you have questions about logging in or setting up your Suralink account, please contact us at