Kaitlyn Gasper, Manager, Outsourcing Group: Get to Know the Snodgrass Team

In this edition of Get to Know the Snodgrass Team we interviewed Kaitlyn Gasper, CFE, Manager, Outsourcing Group.

What do you enjoy most about your job?


It is difficult to narrow down what I enjoy most about my job to one thing. I have worked in the banking industry since I was 18—initially as a bank teller during college and then at Snodgrass since college graduation. I enjoy both working in the banking industry and the type of work we complete. I never realized until I started this job that working in the same environment doing the same thing every day is not what I imagined myself doing the rest of my life. The fact that we are constantly taking on new projects and audits, considering regulatory changes, and really adapting to our client’s needs makes this job so interesting and enjoyable. Other than the type of work we perform, Snodgrass is a great firm to work for and really promotes a positive work culture while considering work-life balance. It is an added benefit that I enjoy working with the people I do daily and have met some great people through Snodgrass.

You joined Snodgrass as an Associate and are now a Manager. What is something you have learned at this stage in your career that you wish you had known earlier?

I think a common misconception when you start a new job is that you must know everything, and you try to limit the number of questions you have because you do not want to sound annoying or bother people with your basic entry-level questions. As an Associate, I would put so much pressure on myself to try and know it all because I thought that is how you succeed in this job. Do not get me wrong, I asked questions all day long, but I did not think I could be where I am today until I knew everything. However, in the industry we work, you cannot know everything, due to the continuous changes and fast-paced environment. I quickly learned that working at Snodgrass, you do not work individually, and one of the best things about the Outsourcing department, and really the firm as a whole, is that we have so many subject matter experts you can go to at any time to ensure we are providing the best quality work and guidance to our clients. It is interesting to now look back and realize everything I have learned over the years and continue to learn daily through the work we perform. If I could tell myself, the Associate, anything, it would be to prepare yourself for this job to be a continuous learning experience and not to get so focused or stuck on doing something the same way. Overall, Snodgrass does a great job in preparing you for the next level and provides opportunity for growth and job knowledge expansion.

How has your Certified Fraud Examiner designation assisted you in your role at Snodgrass?

The Certified Fraud Examiner designation does not directly relate to the type of work I have performed at Snodgrass, as I do not conduct fraud examinations. However, I do focus a lot of my time on Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) work, including the BSA/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) model validations. Both areas, and specifically the BSA/AML model validations, have a focus on internal controls and identification of potentially suspicious activity. While I am not performing fraud examinations, it is beneficial to have the fraud background when performing these audits and validations to evaluate the controls in place to detect and deter such suspicious activity from occurring.

Before the pandemic, you regularly traveled to client sites to perform audits. How was your transition from on-site work to working remotely?

In my opinion, Snodgrass, in many ways, was already prepared for the remote work environment. Prior to the pandemic, we had many clients that required remote work, to which we had tested and determined how to perform those audits securely. This made the transition easier on us as employees, and the client as well. I also feel like we have received a great response from our clients, and they have all been so accommodating to make sure we are provided with everything we need.

On a personal level, last year was such a hard year for so many people. I am very thankful to have the job I do and to have a firm that has cared so much about our health and safety throughout this pandemic. Overall, working remotely has been good for me, and I find myself getting more work done, due to the reduction in travel time. Of course, I miss working with and seeing all our clients in person but, at the same time, am looking forward to the versatility of this job between remote and onsite work now available to us post-pandemic.

What are some of your outside interests?

I have a one-year-old son who takes up all my time outside of work! It has been very interesting that we have been in a pandemic during his entire life, but I enjoy doing anything that involves him and my family. I am very family oriented, having three sisters, in addition to my mom and a 14-year-old niece; we love to shop, as you can imagine growing up in a house full of girls. I love to travel and hope to be able to this year, specifically to Florida to introduce my son to his Great Pap Pap and Great Aunt! When I have down time to myself, I enjoy watching sports, primarily basketball and football, and binge watching every and any Netflix and Hulu series I can find.

Snodgrass Team

The Snodgrass team are industry-recognized experts who are highly sought after as speakers and trainers and for their leadership. Stay tuned for our next edition and get to know other members of our team!



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