What’s Next in the Conundrum of Uncertainty? OBL Annual Meeting 2020

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Nine months later, how will community bank leaders address the conditions they live with and problems they must solve, as they use the strategic tools of focus and discipline to achieve sustainability and relevance in a world of uncertainty? Our current environment has created tremendous uncertainty about the future, causing circular analysis and strategic paralysis. After all, how can your team imagine the future and construct a realistic strategy on a timeline that defies measurement? We just don’t know. Your traditional strategic framework will work, as your team is aided by a measured approach, which segments the future using incremental public health and economic recovery cycles. Such an approach identifies transitional events that signal progress to the next recovery cycle. Changing the boundaries of the strategic horizon will enable your team to regain the clarity of a strategic path and the required action steps to continue to move forward. This presentation addresses a practical approach to achieving sustainability and relevance in a world of uncertainty, vulnerability, and risk that takes us beyond the “new normal” to participate in a world of great opportunity for your organization.

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