The Audit and Assurance Group | S.R. Snodgrass Podcast | Episode 5

In this latest podcast from S.R. Snodgrass, HR Director Lenore Seifer takes a deep dive into the challenges the banking industry is facing with Principal Ian McDowell, Audit and Assurance Group.

Watch and listen as they delve into the world of external audits with a focus on people, culture, and industry insights. Discover how our unique approach transforms client relationships, navigates industry changes, and tackles complex topics like CECL standards.


– From day one, Snodgrass focuses on building and nurturing client relationships.
– Snodgrass stands out by not only ensuring its team understands audit procedures and standards but also by delving deep into the industries they serve.
– Snodgrass actively engages in meaningful conversations with clients, offering insights into industry trends, challenges, and perspectives gained from working with similar organizations.
– The firm actively participates in external banking organizations, fostering a broader network and gaining insights from peers.
– The firm encourages staff to immerse themselves in clients’ organizations at different levels, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of both auditing and banking.
– The firm takes a deliberate and proactive approach to industry challenges.


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