Tax Update – Pennsylvania Requires Electronic Tax Payments for Amounts Greater than $15,000

Any individual who expects to receive more than $8,000 of Pennsylvania-taxable income not subject to withholding by a PA employer must estimate and pay personal income tax quarterly.

For Pennsylvania personal income taxes, payments made after December 31, 2021, equal to or greater than $15,000 must be made electronically. Payments not made electronically will be subject to a penalty equal to 3 percent of the payment amount, not to exceed $500.

You may file your estimated payments by mail (if under $15,000) or electronically and have them withdrawn from a checking or savings account, or you may pay by credit or debit card.

To pay your estimated payments using an electronic method, visit the department’s myPATH e-Services Center at or call 1-800-2PAYTAX (272-9829). 

 Although not required when payments are less than $15,000, it is strongly recommended that, when possible, payments be made electronically to avoid delays in the mail and processing by the appropriate taxing authorities.