Tax Update – Pennsylvania e-Tides to Shut Down as of February 24, 2023

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, continuing their transition to the new myPATH site (see our December 1, 2022, Tax Update), will be retiring the e-TIDES site as of February 24, 2023. That means that taxpayers will no longer be able to use e-TIDES to file returns or to make payments after this point. Instead they will need to use myPATH to handle these transactions.

If you have not already signed up to use the myPATH system, you must do so immediately. The process to sign up for an account is simple and includes an option to migrate your prior account information from e-TIDES into myPATH. The Department of Revenue has a number of instructional videos pertaining to myPATH on its “myPATH Video Tutorials” page, including a tutorial on how to migrate.

If you need assistance, you may also contact the department by email at, or by phone at 717-425-2495, ext. 72841 (PATH1). The department has made a push to put more of its employees on the phones to assist taxpayers with this transition.


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