Remote IT Audit Benefits

As a result of the recent quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Snodgrass has refined its remote information technology (IT) audit process. Throughout the mandatory quarantine, Snodgrass has served clients through various means to ensure they still receive the best possible IT audit. Now that states are opening back up for business and easing stay-at-home orders, we have evaluated our success during the pandemic crisis and have full confidence in our remote audit capabilities to continue serving our clients exclusively remotely. Doing so provides several client benefits, as outlined below.

No Expenses: The primary benefit to completing a remote IT audit is eliminating the need to charge travel expenses. These expenses usually include mileage, accommodations, meals, parking fees, and tolls.

Effective Communication: Snodgrass utilizes a product for secure video, audio, and screensharing capabilities that allows us to set up designated interview times and daily status meetings with multiple employees within the organization. Screensharing works in both directions, to allow for viewers and presenters to share their screen. Our communication methods allow for stricter scheduling of interviews and meetings, which keeps the audit structured and efficient, with no unscheduled interruptions to client staff.

Complimentary Software Package: Snodgrass provides clients with a software package, valued at $500, along with software training to pull the Active Directory and NTFS file and folder permissions necessary to complete the audit. Following testing, clients can retain this software for their own network and file and folder permission reviews.

Following their initial remote IT audit, our clients shared positive feedback with us, as presented below.

\”Our IT audit was done entirely remotely this year due to COVID-19 concerns. The audit went very smoothly, and our team had daily interaction via email, phone calls, and scheduled web meetings with the Snodgrass team. Snodgrass was extremely responsive and able to connect at any time to go over a document request or other concerns, to ensure the audit was always on track and moving forward. The flexibility of Snodgrass to do a remote IT audit allowed us to stay within our timelines for our internal audit plan and proved to be a seamless process.\”
– Richard Greslick Jr., Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Support Officer, CNB Bank, Clearfield, Pennsylvania

\”It really makes it efficient for the bank as far as travel expenses and a physical location to put people (exam room, parking, etc.). I felt that using the remote conferencing product worked out very well. It was easy to use and still allowed the bank staff to interact with the auditors. I didn’t feel that the remote work hindered us for completing the audit. I prefer email communication and scheduling of meetings opposed to phone calls and unexpected office visits. It allows us to better schedule the day to make sure we’re working with the auditors and keeping up on our daily functions. Snodgrass did a great job in working around our schedules to make sure this process moved as smoothly as possible.\”
–The Community Bank, Zanesville, Ohio

If you have any questions about remote IT audit services, please contact Jeremy Burris, Principal, Technology Services, at 724-934-0344 or


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