Our Culture | S.R. Snodgrass Podcast | Episode 1

In this episode of the S.R. Snodgrass Podcast, HR Director Lenore Seifer and Principal Heather Bernhard discuss the unique culture of S.R. Snodgrass, focusing on topics such as work/life balance, charity involvement, internship programs, and more.

Listen as Lenore and Heather share their experiences at S.R. Snodgrass, and what sets us apart from other public accounting firms. You can also watch this episode on YouTube.


  • Creating a “Culture of Opportunity, A Culture that Cares” is based on the premise that allowing time for family/personal life improves employee happiness and productivity.
  • Philanthropy and charity events are a great way to build team spirit and positively influence the communities in which we work. 
  • When a company invests in the personal development of its employees, everyone benefits. 

About Lenore

Lenore Sheifer is the Director of Human Resources at S.R. Snodgrass.

We are hiring, and as one of the region’s top public accounting and consulting firms, S.R. Snodgrass offers a diverse menu of career opportunities, enabling you to demonstrate your talents in a challenging and rewarding role. We encourage professional development and provide you with the resources to flourish as your career path advances.

About Heather

Heather Bernard, CPA, is the Principal of our Audit and Assurance Group. She joined Snodgrass in 2000 after graduating from Westminster College. She has over 20 years of audit experience with industries of all types, but she specializes in financial institutions. She distinguished herself early in her career with a special dedication to client service. Heather has assisted clients in keeping up with the ever-changing accounting field through her broad knowledge of the banking industry. She has extensive SEC experience with public reporting companies, including the requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley.


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