S.R. Snodgrass Information Technology Services Group | S.R. Snodgrass Podcast | Episode 3

In our latest podcast episode, Snodgrass HR Director Lenore Seifer discusses the firm’s various cybersecurity services with Jeremy Burris, Director of the Information Technology Services Group. You’ll learn how we’ve become our clients’ first call when needs arise and about our IT Practice Group’s unique services, including remote Attack and Penetration testing and IT Audits.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • Snodgrass is committed to being every client’s primary point of contact. We’re focused on creating strong, long-lasting relationships.
  • The IT Practice Group supports clients across various sectors, continuously adapting to the ever-evolving IT environment.
  • The Snodgrass IT Team maintains all professional certifications, including CISSP, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Ethical Hackers, and more. We are committed to continuous learning and expertise.
  • The Snodgrass IT Team has unmatched experience in remote Attack and Penetration testing, providing round-the-clock monitoring and greatly reduced client expenses.
  • Our IT Team provides clients with roadmaps and counsel designed to mitigate and eliminate risks associated with AI applications due to misinformation.
  • With clients across 10 states, the Snodgrass Information Technology Services Group’s ability to work efficiently and remotely saves our clients time and money.


  • “If you care about your security, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, we can help you.”
  •  “We’ve learned to adapt to the changing environment of IT. IT today is not the same as it was even five years ago.”
  •  “We want to be our client’s first call. The more times we can answer your questions the first time you call, the more it leads to a long, healthy relationship.”


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