Navigating Your Nonprofit’s Financial Landscape, WVNPA Leadership Summit 2019


Brian’s presentation covers financial statements, budgets, 990 tax returns, benchmarking, and audits. The presentation outlines internal financials reporting and best practices when developing your budget and comparing it to what actually occurred. Next, the presentation moves into the realm of 990 tax returns, deconstructing the complexities to focus in on key parts of the form and addresses how you can use publicly available data as benchmarks. You’ll also be presented with the question: Is your audit worth the paper it’s printed on? If not, Brian will provide a roadmap for working through the RFP process to find a new audit firm. Finally, you’ll be given action items to give you the confidence to do the most important job supervisors have to do…manage employees!

Bender_WVNPA Presentation 9.25.2019

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